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Rs.90,000.00 Rs.180,000.00

Introducing our sleek and stylish study table, expertly crafted from high-quality veneer particle board and polished to perfection. Designed to elevate any workspace, this study table offers a perfect balance of functionality and elegance.

Our attention to detail is evident in the flawless finish, achieved through a meticulous polishing process that leaves the surface smooth and lustrous. The veneer particle board provides a durable and sturdy foundation, ensuring the table will withstand the rigors of daily use.

With its spacious desktop and ample storage, this study table is perfect for any student or professional seeking a comfortable and organized workspace. Whether you're studying for exams or working on an important project, our study table will help you stay focused and productive.

Invest in a study table that combines form and function, and experience the difference it makes in your daily routine. Choose our veneer particle board study table today and take the first step toward a more productive and stylish workspace.

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